Leica Vintage Camera

Camera Leica Panzercampf model, lens Sonnar Carl Zeiss 2.8 / 52 mm Universal Turret Viewfinder 28-135mm Vintage USSR For Leica, Zorki, Fed Leica D. R. P. Vintage Camera rangefinder Film Lens Leitz Elmar 50mm (zorki copy) Leica R R3 Electronic Slr 35mm Camera Camera Zorki / FED / Leica Stereo Attachment prism rangefinder stereolooking kit LEICA IIF RED DIAL 35mm RANGEFINDER FILM CAMERA LTM + ELMAR 5CM F/3.5 LENS EX+ 1929 Leica I A with 5cm. F3,5 Elmar, Serial Number 18989, in good working order Leica Camera Body IID No. 315047 Black Chrom Screw 39 Mint Box LEICA III with SUMMAR f=5cm1.2 Lens Vintage Camera S/N 223881 I 1936 Germany Best Value Leica III Clone Cameras Nicca Iiis Zorki C Canon Leica Iiia Leica Iif Leica Iiig Leica II, #100255, Hektor 2.5/5 cm #140490 LEICA I Mod B Ring-Compur SNr 6226 CLA'D Near MINT LEICA Leitz M4-P Black Rangefinder Film Camera From Japan